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Are you sure which smart board is right for you?
  • Looking for a smart board for a meeting room or a classroom?
  • Not sure which board is suitable for your needs and fits your budget?
  • Are all the different brands making your head spin?
  • Is all the manufacturer marketing fluff and gimmickry confusing you?
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You've come to the right place. Allow our Live Product Specialists to help.
We have some very informative resources and a live product specialist who will walk you through all the important features of an interactive whiteboard through our Live Demo Room in San Diego.
Interactive Whiteboard jargon not making sense?
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Interactive Whiteboards come in different sizes and technologies such as infrared, capacitive, resistive and optical. It's very important that you understand the touch technology that is built into a whiteboard. You can save a lot of money by selecting a board with a technology better suited for your needs.Here are some common queries that we encounter.
  1. What is the difference between an interactive whiteboard and copyboard?
  2. How are capacitive whiteboards different from resistive and infrared?
  3. Which board is right for me (Smart vs. Promethean vs. Hitachi vs. Clary etc)?
What are Smart Boards?

A smart board also widely known as an interactive whiteboard is an interactive touch screen technology that connects to a projector or computer and significantly improves the overall meeting and presentation experience.

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Needs are evolving and so are interactive whiteboards.
Flat panel touchscreen smartboards are the future
Current varieties of interactive whiteboards have their fair share of limitations and not to mention hidden costs. The next generation of touch-screen flat-panel interactive displays overcome most of these limitations by offering
  • More responsive touch technology
  • HD-displays that are able to handle the most demanding media-centric presentations
  • Cutting edge software that allows you to achieve more in less time
  • A significantly lower total cost of ownership and more
  • No need for an external projector
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Seek specific advice related to your industry
Our Live Product Specialists can help.
Our product specialist can assist you in selecting the right technology for different verticals such as educational institutes, corporations, government and military institutions and social enterprises to name a few. Our Live Video Feed is beamed from our San Diego office.
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On a budget?
We can help you achieve significant savings
You can save a lot of money by avoiding common mistakes and hidden costs associated with the purchase of interactive whiteboards.
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